This is Sam.

She works at the health-food retail industry, but she loves to eat unhealthily.

Potato chips, coca-cola, french fries, McDee's, ice-cream, ice-cream and ice-cream. Oh, did I mention... ice-cream?

She claims that she is a good cook, and yet she has not cooked for at least 4 years.

Her favorite exercises are shopping, afternoon napping and yoga. Occasionally she likes pamper herself with a nice mud mask.

Sam says, "I will cook for Ryan! I promise!"


And this is Ryan

He is a self-proclaimed geek who loves everything about technology.

When he was young, he once thought he could become a great lawyer because of his relentless persistence persuasive powers (as known as "stubbornness"), but now he is a software geek, thinking of ways to persuade people to use software.

He never says no to food.

He has been talking about restarting his exercise regime, but there is no set date yet as of today.

Ryan says, "She says she will cook... I guess I will do the cooking so we can both eat right."

Sam and Ryan

Together they make a great tag-team.

They knew each other during their early university years and started dating when they got out of school

They both enjoy slacking off on a Saturday afternoon, they love enjoying great food, and they always laugh at the same jokes.

They hope that all their guests will relax and enjoy their wedding banquet and treat it like a normal Friday night party.

Ryan and Sam is looking forward to seeing you at the wedding.


Wedding Day

Mr. & Mrs. Yau Yik Po and Mr. Chan Cha Un, Raymond

request the honour of your presence

at the Wedding Ceremony and Banquet of their children

Sam and Ryan

on Friday, 7th January 2011

at the Grand Ballroom

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
One Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Reception at 5:00pm
Wedding Ceremony at 5:30pm
Wedding Banquet at 8:00pm


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Friend of: Ryan
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